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Exactly, and then I finally did something for me. Something that I wanted and the world didn’t end.


Top 100 Naley Scenes - #11: 3x09 How A Resurrection Really Feels


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Top 100 Naley Scenes - #62: 3x08 The Worst Day Since Yesterday

[Haley is waiting for Nathan to come outside]
Haley: Hey! You did a good job tonight.
Nathan: What game were you watching?
H: The game where you had the entire team guarding you and you still made like 30 points.
N: 16, Hales. The whole team only had 39.
H: Well, it’s almost half. Plus, I gave you more cause your shots were really hard.
[They both laugh]
H: That should totally be a rule.
N: It doesn’t work that way.
H: Well, it should.
N: Thank you.
H: Yeah.
N: Did you wait out here for me?
H: Yeah, I-I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Are you?
N: No really, but, uh, I do this thing when I play like crap where I walk home alone and try to let go of it all on the way.
H: Kay. Well, call me later if you wanna… talk, or, okay…
[She laughs]
N: Alright
[They both start to walk away, and Haley’s phone rings. She picks it up and see’s Nathan is calling]
[She turns and they both laugh, and Nathan gestures for her to come with him]